You discover the star address is naturally up to you. You can try looking in star magazines or look up on the web.

Another option would be to purchase star athletes in this instance all you need to complete is by doing your research on the webpage discover good deals, on websites like eBay. A proven way of creating by checking for photos its reliability which you cando and buying autographs from a personal collector. Often the collector has pictures with the celebrity, that way you understand the autograph is not counterfeit.

You could join an internet community to obtain autographs as well. Below you will come across some genuine collectors of autographs who may trade with you. the best method and the oldest are obviously inperson series. Note all of the celebrity functions down. Hang around the area where they frequent or perform and look for your chance. When you have a young child who shares your interest in the superstar you can certainly ship them as kids are indulged by all celebrities a great deal more quickly than an older person who might want to only offer the autograph.